Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sammy Said, "Go Little Girl, Hide"

starting with corners that fate keeps
faxes and hollow calves that wade deep
build your army
build your God
build your treeflames
build your block

in my own home there works the fist
under my own bed there is the beast
that swirls like the dust on apolitical things
that burns like rust off political beings

working your day math and day dream
Open your kitchens and fairness face creams
build your army
build your God
build your hunters
build your block

my hands will know the window screens
my knees will level the carpet, clean
but what will you do with all your time?
Yours is that poor soul with the selfish lime.

our life is a lie and will always remain
no motor cars, films or long distance trains
build your army
build your fraud
build your treeflames
build your block


Friday, December 6, 2013

That Poem

you see them warm
and scuttle like pins on a closure
bobbing heads and knee-deeep doom
in their bloom

the fate of windmills tied to their arms
like ciphers in the chest of navy seals
and falmingoes
going to Siberia

if i ever live my death
dont bury my stars under the water of sorrow
or any nostalgia
that was found in my skirt

bury me insane
with my indignation
written underneath my eyelids
taking gasps of immortality in
the hells of God's gardens