Friday, May 4, 2012

Imaginary Friends And Gentlemen

Oh but sir, yes i do remember. Oh but sir, I if i do say so myself. Oh sir, dearest thief. You are the muse. You are the thickness of the tears. You are the dismembered chameleon. And to you i dedicate my faithful life. And to you i dedicate my nights. And for you I have said all these things. For you I have been all these beings.
For you.

Pardon me and the anal heart sir. We have a tendency to be wild slaves. I hope you are well and think of all those things unwritten. You are cold and child-like.You are boyish and wise. You remain untouched. Unlike the mindlessness in my days.I hope your breath is satisfied. Say hello to the other lovers. And most of all, kiss yourself for me.

Someone told me,
that i am no more
Someone told me,
that i am a goddess
Someone told me,
that i am in love.
Someone told me,
that i must become a good girl.
Someone told me,
that they saw you.
I'd like to borrow their eyes.

I have woken up like this.
Most days.

Dear lover
of my sleep
Fuck you.

I cannot cry.