Friday, March 18, 2011

June Flower

Obnoxious little June flower
with moon eyes
and cupid bow lips
Where have you gone with your veins
And sadness in the pools
of your alpine-stone heart
Where have you gone with your pictures
of black and white tragedy
Where are you sitting now?
touching the ends of tables and chairs
Touching the ends of her lips?

Why do you travel upon seas of bedlam
everyday to sit behind my shoulders
in some dismal pool of light
i see your stranded gaze
and i wonder about the dew in your eyes
your colours are all gone
usurped by the melancholy of loss
and the blizzard inside my bones
has melted you inside the black spaces
of my window

Open your mouth and tell me
Another story from the book of your mind
tell me of all the things that fly
like you into skies
of destiny and fading regret
bring your hands to my forehead and test the
fever of my madness
test it to see how much I've learned from
falling on my knees

I have lost you June flower,
You have left,
And i think of you often.
Under the death of the sun.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kiss Me

I'm just trying to be profound.
but I'm in a box,
of boxes and little Mary Janes.
Ever dwindling lights of shiny dog tags,
and loafs of ardent newspaper gibberish
floating by your nullahs and basin.
Too thin is your bubble gum wall.
Pop it goes,
when i whisper love into your heart.
And bomb you go,
imploding with all the sugar-knives.
Rolling stones and combat boots
make up your
Sky lark, stop the arrow shoots.
And the stubble, unseen with foam kisses
is just a paradox for beauty.

Crumble a little, allowing
the alien white teeth to bite non-space,
To touch a lymph and to touch my vein.
Bathe naked in the abandonment of the hill
and sink into the earth with your tarps.
Run and hide under some opaque skin.
Kiss me.

I am nothingness,
I am faulty,
And disappearing.
Kiss me.